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Soft Chews Soft Chews Soft Chews Soft Chews

Wag-worthy Goodness

With so many pet supplement choices available, soft chews can be a great option for your pet pal.

Pets can sometimes be particular about what they eat due to age or size while other dogs seem to eat everything – including socks! If you have a picky pal or pet struggling with chewing tablets, the palatable flavors and easy-to-eat goodness of our soft chews are a chew-tastic option. Along with being easily administered, soft chews can also be easier on digestion and absorption which may allow for overall more effective results.

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At Petnc, we're dedicated to providing innovative, reliable and quality products for your pet.

Quality Soft Chews Quality Soft Chews Quality Soft Chews

Pet ApprovedRich & Savory Flavor

A Soft Chew That Tastes Like a Reward

We understand how important it is to provide essential nutrients and vitamins to our furry friends, and we believe that it should be a delightful experience for them too. That's why we've carefully formulated and tested our soft chews flavor profiles so your dog will love the rich and savory taste. Give your pet pal a soft chew they'll adore while taking care of their health and wellness!

My Dog LOVES These!

"I've tried so many different products that my dog refused to eat. He considers these a treat! I've only been using them a few weeks, but we've already noticed a difference..." Skin & Coat Soft Chews

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Works Well!

"My greyhound has severe separation anxiety, these help when we will be gone for long periods, helps him relax without prescription drugs." Calming Aid Soft Chews

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