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Hairball Soft Chews

While cats can get all the necessary vitamins and minerals from a balanced diet, supplementing can be beneficial to their overall health and well-being.

Consult your veterinarian before giving supplements to your cat to ensure the correct dosage and suitability for their individual needs.

Hairball Soft Chews

Our cat hairball supplement is specially formulated to support cats of all ages in reducing hairball buildup. Hairballs can be a common issue in cats causing discomfort and digestive disturbances. Our supplement contains essential ingredients that promote healthy digestion and help reduce the formation of hairballs.

My Kitty Loves These!

"My cat is usually very finicky when it comes to hairball treats, but he's loved these chicken flavored ones ever since I took a chance on them." Hairball Soft Chews

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Cat Loves Them & They Work

"My catto loves these, and they seem to be doing the job. Recommended, with the caveat that cats are individuals and yours might not like them." Hairball Soft Chews

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Hairball Soft Chews