Calming Dog Massage Techniques

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Calming Dog Massage Techniques

While there’s dog-friendly supplements that can help reduce your dog’s stress, there more owners’ can do for their dogs. Whether your dog is stressed, anxious, or is just tense, these dog massage techniques can bring calm and comfort to your fur baby.

Start with a simple backstroke

Slowly stroke up and down on both sides of your dog’s spine applying light pressure, without touching the bone. While this doesn’t seem like much, this technique is very relaxing for your pup! 

Don’t forget a head massage 

Applying light pressure, rub your fingers from your dog’s nose, between the eyes, and onto the forehead. Move back and forth, using slow motions. This massage hits acupressure points which is excellent for calming, healing, and relaxing. 

Then, move onto an ear rub (they’re going to love this one!)

Your dog’s ears are full of nerve endings, and when you rub them, it sends signals to their brain that can produce a calming effect. Start at the base of the ear and grasp it firmly but gently between your thumb and index finger. Rub between your fingers down to the tip and repeat.

Do a full-body rub if they’re feeling extra anxious…

Lightly place one hand at the base of your dog’s neck and leave it there for security and stability. With your other hand, make long sweeping strokes down your dog’s spine and over the tail. Continue making this motion to calm your dog. Before ending the massage, leave your hands on the base of their neck and on top of their pelvic bone with light pressure to invoke relaxation. 

A few things to note about dog massages…

What works for other dogs may not work for your dog. Observe their body language. If your pup moves away from you, they might not be enjoying it. Always be mindful of your pressure, and don’t force your dog into a massage as that may cause more stress!